How to treat prostatitis in men: a list of drugs

According to urologists, prostatitis is the most common disease of the male reproductive system. It can happen for many reasons (infections, hypothermia, inactive lifestyle, etc. ).

If the disease becomes chronic, then it will be extremely difficult to recover.

Therefore, when detecting the first signs of prostatitis in men, it is important to immediately start taking the necessary medications, rather than treat the disease in its advanced stages. This requires you to see your doctor promptly, as only a specialist can find the right medication.

Modern pharmaceutical industry can provide many effective and fast drugs for the treatment of prostatitis in men.

Prostatitis medicine

Symptoms of Prostatitis

Typical symptoms of prostatitis are:

  1. pain when urinating;
  2. increased urination at night;
  3. pain syndrome, manifested by discomfort in the perineum, anus, penis, above the pubic area (pain may be felt during the elimination of feces);
  4. turbidity of urine;
  5. discharge in the morning;
  6. increase body temperature.

Prostatitis can cause other diseases of the male reproductive system, ranging from organ inflammation to infertility.

In addition, it is easy for ignorant people to mistake the manifestation of prostatitis with cystitis, even cancer, so when discovering the first signs that the body's work is impaired, problems, you should immediately contact a urologist.

burning sensation in the groin with prostatitis

How is prostatitis treated?

Based on test results and general medical history, your doctor may choose one or more treatments for prostatitis. Their list is united by the fact that they are all taken medically:

  • Suppositories (rectal administration; helps speed up metabolism);
  • Injections (drugs quickly enter the body and affect the immune system and vascular system);
  • Injections (the agent is injected directly into the inflammatory focal point);
  • Microclyster (anal introduction of infusions and decoctions based on natural ingredients; the procedure is recommended to be carried out immediately before bedtime);
  • Tablet form (as a rule, broad-spectrum antibacterial agents are prescribed in this form; they can be taken only on the prescription of a specialist, which means that the possibility of prophylactic use is excluded);
  • Ointment (anti-inflammatory).

For pain relief in the treatment of adenomas, NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are widely used, as well as alpha blockers (with the same anti-inflammatory effect, but by blocking nerve endings).

Prostatitis medicine

Only your doctor can determine if you need medication, prescribe the correct dosage and method of use.


If the analysis shows that the adenoma is the result of microbial spread, then antibiotics are needed. Usually, doctors prescribe broad-spectrum medications that can help fight infections caused by certain types of bacteria.

There are many types of antibiotics, but they all fall into one of the following drug groups:

  1. penicillin;
  2. tetracyclines;
  3. fluoroquinolones.


Before using painkillers, you must carefully study the instructions for use, because an overdose will have many manifestations of various adverse reactions.

alpha blockers

These drugs are needed to improve urination. Their pharmacokinetics are based on their effect on the muscles of the urethra by reducing tone.

Alpha blockers do not cure the disease on their own, but only act as a means of relieving unpleasant symptoms.

Muscle relaxants

In terms of pharmacokinetics, they were similar to the above drugs, but they affected the perineum through a decrease in pressure in the small pelvis, leading to a weakening of the pain syndrome.

Circulatory stimulant

Problems with blood circulation always arise with one disease or another, leading to stagnation and inadequate supply of oxygen and trace elements to the diseased organ.

Therefore, when treating adenomas, it is important to take drugs that can activate blood circulation.

Natural products

Preparations based on herbal ingredients are good for their naturalness. In the treatment of prostatitis, substances are used to eliminate puffiness, relieve inflammation, and also have a diuretic effect. The best potions in this category are those made with sabal, pumpkin seed oil, and climbing palm.

Vitamin complex

Vitamins are not a cure-all. They are needed to provide general enhancement as part of complex drug therapy.


It would not be effective to prioritize the best drug for prostatitis from an extensive list, as the causes of prostatitis can be very different, and therefore, treatment must be carried out. individual nature. Do not self-medicate, drugs to treat prostatitis should be prescribed by a specialist.